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The Body Integrity Mission

At Body Integrity, we thrive on continuous growth, and aim to provide you with quality care, support and education to meet your health goals.


Our goal is to redefine treatment-focused bodywork as an efficient and effective method of creating lasting change.  We do so by providing therapeutic bodywork to unlock pain and dysfunction at its origin.

Let us help you transform your own beliefs regarding your body, pain, injury, aging, and health.

About Kali

Since 2006, Kali Lane has been providing effective therapeutic bodywork.  She received an AAS Degree in Massage Therapy from COCC's 1000-hour program , specializing in chronic pain and injury treatment.  Seeing real results in her clients is what most inspires her.

Lic# 12439

About Us


Therapeutic Bodywork


Rebalance your body, and relieve

tension and pain with a combination of:

  • Force Line Deep Tissue

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Facilitated Stretching

Access Bars


Decompress, 'defrag' your mind, and relax your body.  Balances energy fields, and is an excellent de-stresser.

Insurance Billing


Yes!  We can bill your insurance for motor vehicle accidents (MVAs) and personal injury (PIP) claims.

Access Body Processes


Create a greater communion with your body, unlock energetic patterns creating physical issues, and increase your joy and receiving.

Our Services

You have to choose your possibilities, not lose your limitations. 

~ Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness


New Client Info


"Kali, I feel so very lucky to have been gifted with a session with you yesterday.  Your skillful work on my scapular rotator muscles was nothing short of magical:  I slept through the entire night without being awakened by the pain and tingling of my arms falling asleep (ironic that they get to sleep and I don’t!).  Endless thanks for identifying a problem that’s been making me crazy for months!"

"During the hard time I just went through, I couldn't have done it without the verbal processing.  And I have a high-stress life, and I feel totally relaxed after I get my bars run."  ​

Sheri, Bend, OR

"Kali has an amazing sense of bodies. She works exquisitely with them, both physically and energetically and truly has magic hands. I couldn't have asked for a better experience when we worked together. I am truly grateful for her gifts and talents and I encourage anyone HIGHLY to let her "bliss your body out" too." 

Rhonda, N. VA

Lorraine, MT

Success Stories


Our Address

235 SE Davis Ave

Bend, OR 97702

Tel: 541.410.0163

Opening Hours

Friday                   2:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Sunday                 9:00 am - 6:30 pm

Some accommodations may be made for other days, including Saturdays

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